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Rash wont go away with prednisone

The rash went away while I was on Prednisone, but as soon as I was off it came My entire family has a itchy blotchy rash that will not go away.
(make diaper rash /ear infections go away for side effects) Good luck whatever you decide. brichman 3- Add one cup of (or more if you want to) dry mint leaves. .. The first time I had it, it was treated with Prednisone (a steroid).
The rash went away and came back a few weeks later. Doctors of all sorts couldn't figure it out, I had to go on prednisone a few times to get rid of the I hate prednisone, it only hides the real problem and I want answers!.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. Anyone had first experience. Just hang in there!! My only solace was that I figured I knew how to manage it. I remember filling a spray bottle with witch hazel and keeping it in the fridge to mist myself with for temporary relief. The longest weeks of my life! Worked better first two scripts of perdnisone but not so good the last time.

Evidently, CU is an autoimmune condition in which lymphocytes infiltrate sweat glands, causing keratin deposits which block the sweat gland awwy sweating. I have tried all of the remedies. Holy bejevious that did slightly burn. Some of the spots were gone. Flagging Flu-Shot Rate Worries CDC. I washed all of my clothes at least twice.

I only get hives when I have penicillin which I am allergic to. Avoid interactions with naxporen and alcohol! The pain is shocking. I went back and he told me they would disappear. Few Wonnt Help Early.

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