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Prednisone and pounding heartbeat

prednisone and pounding heartbeat

Hi guys, first time poster here. I just learned I have Crohns on Monday and my doctor put me on Prednisone. The first day there were no.
My doctor recently put me back on prednisone but only 15 mg. My pulse keeps racing, my heart feels like it is doing some kind of struggling.
More energy and less pain, swelling, etc. but I had these flushes and scary pounding heart episodes! My husband said my pupils were dilated.


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Availability Rx Prescription only. May go to the newspaper next. Some stress involved at work today also. If your BP was already high-ish to begin with, you might need something to balance out the pred. No problems and lipids were reducing each year to near. Posted over a year ago. Pouunding have moderate hypertension and a fast heart rate.

prednisone and pounding heartbeat

Drugs and Supplements A-Z. Helpful advice and support. This content has not been translated into English. I am glad that you lost while on it. Got echos, mri, stress heartbea, stress echos, and an EP study and nothing abnormal has come out of it.

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